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What kind of bar to use for your event

What kind of bar to use for your event

Posted on on 27/03/2015 in Articles

Every event requires a bar! No event whether it’s a wedding reception or a Corporate function is complete without one, let’s face it have you ever been to event without some form of beverage whether it be alcohol or simply a glass of water? No. This makes it a tough decision when choosing what kind of bar to use for your event. There are a number of issues that need to be looked into when choosing your bar, for instance, how many guests will be attending? Will the guests be drinking free? If so how many free drinks are they entitled to before they must pay? Will you be supplying your own drinks and only be in need of the bar? Do you already have a bar sorted and require bar staff and drinks? Now this all sounds very stressful to work out but most venues or mobile bars will offer certain packages where this is all planned and organised for you it’s just your job to pick the package that best suits your needs.

Now if you decide to go with a venue that already has a bar the venues generally tend to include the bar service within the fee but there will usually be a minimum spend on the bar so make sure your guests drink up!

Some people however decide they may want to hire a mobile bar as well as or instead of using the venues bar service as depending on the bar it may add to their events theme or stand out a little. Mobile bar hire come with various packages. The fees charged are normally figured out through the amount of guests you are hoping to attend your event, but I’m sure you could come to some sort of arrangement while booking your bar and hopefully get a good deal from the company you choose.

You can always spice up your event from hiring cocktail bars manned by bottle juggling maniacs to shot girls and guys in themed costumes to match your big event! Hiring a cocktail bar manned by bottle jugglers usually costs a little bit more than using ordinary bar tenders but if you want to add a WOW factor to your day/evening then this definitely would trigger a reaction from your guests. Hiring shot girls and guys is a good idea if you’re throwing a party with a large number of guests as it will save your guests having to queue ages at the bar for a drink. Some shot guys and girls work on a commission basis and sell their own drinks which means hiring them for your event may not be as expensive as you thought although you want to find services like this at a good price you must shop around and make sure the business you are dealing with talks you through the packages thoroughly.

I hope this information has given you plenty of ideas now the rest is up to you!

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