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Posted on on 23/09/2015 in Articles

Why would you hire a magician for your party?

When planning a magical event, it is often hard to think of ways to add more energy and talking points to make it one to never forget. Adding impressive entertainment is one way to do this but a magician is especially perfect for providing this.
Do you like elusive… do you want your guests/ clients/ colleagues jaws to drop?
Want them to be amazed & astonished?

Magicians are all about having an excellent, fun time & to blow your mind & Keep you on the edge of your seats, to think how? How did they do that? Well… its magic!

You need to find a good magician for your celebration, the things to look for in a good magician and how to find this magic man. When you find a magician that tickles your fancy, look at their testimonies & how their website is presented.

There are many types of magicians for example:

There can be ‘Stage Illusionists’ where they perform for a massive audience. They use assistants, exotic animals or large items (car, coffin, cage, etc) this is typical for this type of magic.

‘Close-up’ magicians are performed for an audience close to them. It generally requires the use of cards, coins or everyday items (cigarettes, rings, clothes, etc).

‘Escapology’ deals with the ability to escape from confinement (straightjackets, handcuffs, ropes, chains, prison cells, etc).

‘Stand-up’ magic is performed for a medium-sized audience. It generally includes the use of doves, rabbits or ropes.

All of these types of magicians can be great for your big day! You need to make sure you have the right one for you, as there is such a wide range & variety of magicians and what they can give you top quality enthusiasm and impressive entertainment. It can be superb for any occasion, weddings, children’s/adults parties, house/ garden parties, corporate events, any celebration!

Dangerous exploits and amazing ability to conquer the seemingly impossible acts.
Unleashing their inner superhero! Achieving the impossible, these live demonstration and skills of Escapologists are preferably only suitable for open events. Wouldn’t recommend them for your wedding due to it being a romantic soft theme and as for children’s parties wouldn’t be suitable either. Fantastic for outdoor marquees or shows!

A good close-up magician would be perfect for weddings & private parties with a small-medium sized audience. This way the magician can get round a lot more guests to woo!
A close-up magician can engage with everyone over the course of the event and ensure they have their own personal; entertainment. This means everyone leaves with extra fond memories. On top of this, it serves as a perfect ice breaker to get guests chatting, smiling and relaxed enough to mingle.

Good Stand-up magic is a charming and modern magic artform that leaves old clichés behind. Believing that this would be suited to corporate/more formal events.
Offering perfect combination of tricks from all fields of the art of magic, performed in a creative and modern way. Your guests can sit back and enjoy moments of excitement, and a few minutes later, actively influence the performance. This can go way beyond mere magic.
Charming storytelling, drawing in the audience and winning them over as there astonishes them with some of their unique blend of technology and illusion. After scintillating performances, audiences always walk away wondering, “How the heck did they do THAT?!”
Stand-up magic will have your audiences standing up, applauding and gasping in wonder.

Surprise them, bring the most enthusiastic talent to your special evening! Bring creativity, laugh, giggles, confidence & happiness to your day!

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Why would you hire a magician for your party?When planning a magical event, it is often hard to think of ways to add more energy and talking points to

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