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Posted on on 09/11/2015 in Fireworks

Fireworks are an amazing way to celebrate on a big event due to the 2 being big, bold and beautiful! Therefore they work so well together. 

Big Events such as Weddings, Bonfire Nights, Croupriet Events or major birthday parties. 

A few reasons why fireworks are so amazing and beautiful:

They cut through the pitch black like they're super-imposed on the night, like the stars behind are only a backdrop brought in for the occasion. Every streak bares a curve of sorts, brilliant lines with a living feel, organic in the way they grow.

They burst through the dark night, fiery blooms amongst the stars. Rainer is less interested in the display than in watching Autumn's expressions, how they light up her face just as she smiles, like a perfect real life photograph.

They explode above, vivid colours to ignite the otherwise black sky. Autumn clasps Rainer's hand, her pink glove inside his bare fingers. The air has a tincture of gun powder, a smell that takes her back to every bonfire night she went to as a child, watching the flames lick up the make-shift Guy Fawkes. How odd it is to be back in England, especially with this beautiful man, but at the same time it feels so right...

They burst above, searing their brilliant light and vivacious colour onto my retinas. Each one draws a pattern into the sky, something unique and breathtaking, never to be repeated exactly no matter how many are ignited and sent to their sky-bound destiny.

Also most of all fireworks burn with impatience, everything at the speed of a camera flash. They send hot sparks into the cool evening air, soaring until they are extinguished to blackness.


Now down to business! 

The best way to look out for a good firework company, is firstly the amount of imformation they give, the layout and presentation of their website, see if they have lagite gallery pictures and phone number/ address. 


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Fireworks are an amazing way to celebrate on a big event due to the 2 being big, bold and beautiful! Therefore they work so well together. Big

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