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Choose the right photographer

Choose the right photographer

Posted on on 25/03/2015 in Articles

Wedding photography is an essential part of your special day helping to capture those magical moments that you and your family can cherish forever. The quality of equipment used such as lenses is a very important detail to investigate when choosing the photographer/videographer that you will later on trust to capture your wedding. More to consider when choosing the company you TRUST is whether or not they have the resources and professionals at hand to ensure the smooth running of the process from start to finish. As you may already know photography and cinematography are not straight forward processes, it’s not just a case of picking up a camera taking a few shots and printing them off or simply filming a few hours and sending the video to the newlyweds. To create the perfect memories for a newlywed couple that they can enjoy for a lifetime takes TIME! The film and images must be edited and formatted thoroughly using the right software by somebody with ability and passion within what they do. Make sure you choose the right photographer because the last thing you want is to be looking back at your special day with REGRET!

Allot of couples struggle on the decision on whether or not to just have a photographer and have the family film some of the speeches etc. on their mobile phones… DON’T! Having family members film the wedding on a phone is CHEAP! Do you really not value each other enough to fork out that little bit extra! If you’re not bothered about the money then look at it this way, would you rather hit the cinema or buy a pirate DVD from that bloke you met down the pub last week? And what do you think would be more memorable? This is the difference between Miller & Carter and that greasy kebaby you visit after the pub!

Some wedding photography companies don’t just offer the cameraman, if you explore different sections of their websites there are plenty of different packages to choose from; Some may offer themed days where the photographer will come equipped with props and/or silly costumes for you to wear; and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of humour to spice up your special day! Other companies may offer studio portrait photo booths, a little bit different to a fun photo booth. These come with different backgrounds and props and will capture each guest as they enter your wedding reception so no stone is left unturned!

I hope you found everything wrote within this blog helpful when choosing your professional photographer, but I will say one thing CHEAP is NOT always CHEERFUL! Ask your bride to be how she feels when she finds out you asked your dad to do it! 

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